Thu, 06 May 2021

Molekule is committed to reinventing air purification, and the company has attracted serious interest from a variety of markets around the world. This year has marked significant expansion in the APAC region, and Molekule is getting ready to expand into even more territories.

The PECO technology air purifiers from Molekule are now slated for distribution through a variety of channels in Korea, making quality air purifiers more accessible than ever before. We'll look at how these purifiers can provide real solutions to a wide variety of consumers in the country.

PECO Air Purification

The photo electrochemical oxidation (PECO) Molekule air purification solutions will be available to Korean consumers thanks to an agreement with COSMO & COMPANY. This wholesale trade company is based in Seoul and thoroughly understands the target demographic of the Molekule brand.

COSMO & COMPANY will oversee the sales in this market, offering a variety of ways for consumers to make purchases. Korean consumers will be able to get Molekule products at high-end department stores, via e-commerce sites, and through general electrical specialists. All partners have been educated about the benefits of these purifiers, including Molekule's award-winning Air Mini+ and Air Mini.

In the coming months, the company will also be offering a medical-grade air purifier in Korea, known as Air Pro RX. This medical device has been granted clearance by the FDA as a 510(k) class II medical device. Able to destroy bacteria and viruses in sensitive healthcare settings, this air purifier meets the FDA's guidelines for use in operating rooms, emergency units, and ICUs. It's ideal for everywhere from nursing homes to offices.

Molekule Air Pro, another commercial product, will also be made available around the same time as Air Pro RX. Molekule Air Pro can handle extra-large spaces of up to 1,000 square feet, making it ideal for commercial settings.

An Established Market

The poor air quality in the APAC region is well documented, making air purification products all the more desirable. Koreans are highly educated in both environmental issues and health hazards. Breathing in anything from soot to common allergens can do more than just momentarily irritate the lungs.

While air purifiers cannot eliminate all risk, they can help prevent users from breathing in pollutants. Molekule solutions are designed to deliver top class air purification. When compared to traditional air purifiers, the PECO technology destroys the widest range of airborne pollutants.

Molekule has chosen to partner with COSMO & COMPANY because its staff has proven its expertise in both marketing and distribution. Having been a part of numerous high-end appliance brand launches in Korea, the company understands where and how to best position the product. This is an invaluable asset to Molekule, especially as leadership looks for other APAC regions that will benefit from its air purifiers.

According to the CEO of Molekule, Jaya Rao, 'Korean consumers understand the real need for indoor air purification and the need for advanced air purification technologies that can go beyond traditional filtration. Given COSMO's significant reach across e-commerce and retail channels, we're opening the market for Molekule to millions of new customers, further meeting our company's worldwide demand.' She's excited to deliver the next generation of air purification to this market, one that will truly appreciate the transformative beauty of breathing cleaner air.

Growing Demand

The global expansion of Molekule into these markets was, in part, spurred by interest from the Korean media. When Molekule launched, many countries took note of the technology and its proven benefits. The increasing demand for indoor purification solutions is evident in these regions precisely because more consumers than ever before are becoming attuned to their everyday environment and how it affects them.

Molekule has also seen more interest by increasing its products' visibility and making them more convenient to operate. In the United States, there are also retail establishments that now sell the brand, including Apple and Best Buy. Users can control Molekule's air purifiers via iPhone, iPad, or HomePod, making them highly attractive for tech-savvy audiences.

Said managing director of COSMO & COMPANY, Terry Son, 'Molekule products lead the air purification industry with advanced technology to remove pollutants, combined with app-based convenience and sleek industrial design.' He is confident that Korean consumers will respond with sincere enthusiasm to Molekule's premium product line.

COSMO & COMPANY has a stellar portfolio of brands, preferring to distribute products that meet or exceed the company's high expectations. Molekule products are scientifically proven to destroy mold, chemicals, pollen allergens, bacteria, and viruses, including contaminants that are 1,000 times smaller than what is tested for as part of the HEPA standard.

Molekule Review

Molekule's PECO technology is whisper quiet and able to destroy pollutants on a microscopic scale. The efficacy of Molekule's products has been verified by a variety of independent testing laboratories. Molekule has proudly published the reports, including those that demonstrate how its PECO-Filters can ensure a significant degree of destruction of harmful compounds.

Air purifiers from Molekule do not create ozone as a byproduct. In fact, they can actually decrease the levels of ozone in the air. The oxidation reaction produced by the air purifiers safely breaks down pollutants at a molecular level. It continually works to clear the air of irritants that can cause a wide range of physical responses, like sneezing.

Molekule's product can remove these indoor allergens through its innovative process. The extra layer of protection will be equally welcome in homes and commercial facilities alike.

Advancing the World

CEO Rao has built her company on the backs of science, technology, and testing. By relying on research and constantly challenging the status quo, Molekule has built air purifiers that are both sleek in aesthetics and, more importantly, able to do more than their predecessors.

The leadership and staff at Molekule believe that air pollution is one of the most serious global challenges in today's modern age. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), poor air quality is responsible for seven million premature deaths each year.

Molekule is helping lead a fight that no one can afford to ignore. The Korean market can take comfort that Molekule is working not only for the safety and well-being of its customers but also for the longevity of the planet. By partnering with doctors, policymakers, and sufferers alike, the company is taking a different approach to what clean air can and should be.

Versatility in Action

Molekule makes a wide variety of products for rooms of every size. Air Mini+ is appropriate for rooms of up to 250 square feet, while Air can handle larger rooms of up to 600 square feet. Air Pro offers triple the airflow of Air, can handle extra-large rooms of up to 1000 square feet.

These products look great in even the most sophisticated of homes and can be carried from one space to the next, depending on where residents need the air purifier most. Korean consumers can enjoy handy touch screens so they can adjust fan speeds or play with the different settings on the device.

Peace of Mind

It doesn't take more than a strategically placed slice of sunshine for people in the APAC region to see exactly what they're breathing in. Molekule and COSMO & COMPANY are working together to take some of the stress out of life by filtering the air and helping everyone to inhale while ingesting fewer of the harmful pollutants to which they would otherwise be exposed.

As more people learn about the technology behind each positive Molekule review, the company is likely to grow its international market share while helping customers in every corner of the world.

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