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Choosing Between the Best Gaming Keyboards

29 Apr 2021, 21:02 GMT+10

Chances are that your new computer came with standard equipment such as a mouse and keyboard. The keyboard that was included with your PC will be good enough for sending emails and writing essays. It might not be so good for activities such as gaming, however. If you want to get serious about gaming and take your skills to next level, you will need the right peripherals. This includes upgrading to a high-performance gaming keyboard. There's a reason why professional gamers and esports enthusiasts don't use regular Dell or Lenovo keyboards as their peripheral of choice.

The best gaming keyboards that competitive gamers use are designed for high performance and reliability in the face of hours of heavy use. So, why are gaming keyboards so essential for high-impact gamers? While flashing lights and sleek designs make these keyboards stand out, they aren't the main reason gamers use them. A good gaming keyboard can improve the gaming experience. Let's take a look at some things to consider when choosing between gaming keyboards.

Key Rollover and Anti-ghosting

Key rollover is the ability of the keyboard to handle several simultaneous key presses at one time. A standard keyboard will register one or two key presses at a time while a gaming keyboard will allow for more. If you press multiple keys at once on a standard keyboard, it either won't register the additional keystrokes or will register unpressed keys. If you are in the middle of a high-stakes game, keystrokes can win or lose the game. If your keyboard registers unpressed keys this is known as 'ghosting' and can also lead to problems for gamers.

To avoid ghosting and allow for complex commands that require multiple keystrokes, quality gaming keyboards offer a minimum of a 6-key rollover. This allows for enough simultaneous keystrokes for most gamers. Depending on the type of game you are playing, you will want to pay attention to the key rollover capabilities of the keyboard. The best gaming keyboard will allow you to register multiple keystrokes at one time.

Switch Types

As far as keyboard construction goes, under each key is a switch that registers a keystroke when the key is depressed. The two most common switch types for keyboards are membrane and mechanical. Membrane keyboards have a layer of silicone that serves as the spring for the keys. Because of the silicone layer, the keys on membrane keyboards are spongy and lack a solid click when depressed.

The spongy keystrokes can make key travel difficult as the keys are less reactive. Mechanical keyboards, however, have harder and more reactive switches that give the user tactile clicky switches. Mechanical gaming keyboards are preferred by gamers as some of the best keyboards because of their switch options.

Macros and Customization

Unlike standard keyboards, the best gaming keyboard allows you to reprogram key functions. For many games, the user is required to enter a series of keystrokes or mouse clicks to execute a certain move or command. This series of keys are called macros. A gaming keyboard allows you to record keystroke sequences for multiple skills or abilities with a single tap. When choosing the best gaming keyboard you can look for the keyboards that have unassigned macro keys meant for customization.

Additional Considerations

Key type, key rollover, and customization are some of the most important features to look for when choosing the best gaming keyboard. Aside from these things, however, there are other features that you will want to consider. Most of these things will be according to the preference of the gamer. You will want to pay attention to comfort with gaming seeing big growth and most gamers spending a considerable amount of time in the game world.

A built-in wrist rest could be a feature that you should consider. Gamers will also have varying opinions on wireless gaming keyboards versus keyboards that use a cable. This will depend on the playing style. Additionally, gaming keyboards will come with numerous options for backlighting and color customization. This will also be a personal preference. When it comes to gaming keyboards, comfort, and preference ned to be considered along with specifications.

If you are seeking the best gaming keyboard, it will really depend on the gamer and playing style. Things such as key rollover, switch type, and key customization will all help improve the gaming experience. Comfort and style should be equally considered also. While there are many options for gaming keyboards, the best keyboards will be the ones that assist the gamer the most.

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