Thu, 21 Oct 2021

Nowadays, trending marketing techniques do not only consist of creating digital and print advertisements or mere distribution of flyers. Online advertising has entered its way into the marketing industry due to the emergence of social media platforms which attracts consumers faster. These range from social media ads to exposure in content created by influencers.

But how do all these things work for small businesses? For large and established companies, investing in promotional tools and instruments are not an issue since they already have patronizers of their goods and services, as well as most people, are already familiar with their brand. However, small businesses have to exert the extra mile to get their brands recognized. Moreover, the need to adjust to newer advertising trends had businesses changing their strategies to figuring out how to deal with the new player in the advertising game, digital media.

Here's a guide for small businesses out there who are entirely new to the whole marketing ordeal.

Basic advertising methods for small businesses

We have listed the four basic marketing techniques utilized in most small businesses and once you've got a hold of these methods, you'll be able to effectively attract consumers in no time.

1. Brand presentation

Not because you have all your products or services ready does not mean you can immediately sell them without taking into account how you present your brand to the public.

You need an effective medium to promote your brand. However, this medium should be reliable to market your brand daily and attractive enough to grab the attention of potential customers. As much as possible, consider indoor, outdoor, and digital promotions. This means your brand should encompass the following: an eye-catching logo, possibly a short slogan, pleasant advertising graphics, and a sturdy outdoor metal sign.

This phase is necessary to ensure that you're directed to the goal of effectively promoting your brand. It is also important to consider being consistent with the details revolving around your brand - the image should reflect your business's philosophy and values.

This also means you have to tap available resources and the people you can rely on to make your brand presentable. Look for good fabrication companies who place great value on your money when they create your outdoor metal signage with exceptional quality. Ensure that your advertising methods do not deviate from your brand's image.

2. Social media utilization

Say, you have set up your Facebook page or Instagram and Twitter account for your business. Not unless you do something worthwhile with them, then nothing's going to happen at all. This is the perfect time to consider upgrading your advertising gimmick using social media.

You need to distinguish between handling social media accounts and establishing social media influence. Not all the time social media accounts are managed well and guarantee to reach more people every day. This only means that smart management of social media platforms entails awareness of the types of contents people would want to see for them to give attention to what you present.

As much as you would want to avoid it, you have to accept the mere fact that people would only entertain what they want to see and hear. This means having to adjust your brand promotion strategies to align with the said condition. Therefore, you will need to study how social media advertising works, the type of graphics and words that catch the attention of people the most, and relatable situations that you can incorporate into your brand. You have to get to the people's interest and convince them that your brand is worth a try based on how you connect their current situation to your brand.

Begin by posting quotes related to your brand daily and interacting with people who land on your posts. Respond to their queries quickly and see to it that you relate with them. You can integrate trending stories or funny images into your posts.

Useful tip: Establish limitations such as business hours for answering queries you receive in your social media accounts and responding to comments so you won't have to spend the whole day handling the accounts. It's also better to prepare an automated response during your offline hours.

Just because your social media accounts are active doesn't mean you have to cater to all queries 24/7. Remember, the people managing your social media accounts have lives outside of work. Although you have to respond immediately as soon as the operating hours are up. Even managing social media accounts would reflect how you value customer service.

3. Explore other digital advertising methods

One method is mobile advertising, which has been one of the latest marketing strategies lately due to the rising popularity of mobile phones. Mobile phones have become a necessity and mobile advertising has taken advantage of that fact. Since the majority of the world's population owns mobile phones nowadays, it's crucial to ensure that your business is ready while mobile advertising is a trend.


With several advertising methods for you to choose from, it's quite difficult to select the best for your brand. Especially with the changes that are newly emerging in the marketing industry, it would seem difficult to keep up with all the innovations. However, there are still traditional methods that are relevant and efficient up to this day, like the metal signs for business which never go out of style. These signs cover a wide range of choices that will never be outdated.

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