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Blxbuds Earbuds are perfectly shaped earbuds suitable for every ears. They have the latest active noise cancelling technology which allows the user to filter out unwanted sounds and concentrate on the song. They are wireless headphones that feel so comfortable that you might even forget that you are wearing headphones. They produce amazing sound without causing any ear pain.

There are tons of wireless headphones out there on the market but they always have a downside, either that they are way too expensive such that most consumers won't be able to afford them, or that the battery suck or that they cause pain to the ears. There are only very few brands of wireless headphones that feel good to the ears, produce high quality sound, have long lasting batteries and very affordable, and Blx Buds Earbuds are one of them and many online customer Blx Buds reviews attested to these claims.

There are no better way of getting over a long day than listing to a music or watching a favourite movie. Having a good sound system will make the experience even better. Recently, wireless headphones are gaining more attention among consumers than their wired counterparts because they provide hands free use and produce better sound. However, not all the wireless headphones worth buying, moreover, wired headphones do not require charging and recharging unlike wireless headphones, thus you can use them as long as you wish without having to worry about charge or power, hence they are still the best choice for a few consumers. If you are looking for a quality and affordable wireless earbuds then this Blxbuds Earbuds Review is for you.

It produces high quality sound, feel great on the pinnae and still maintain low cost. It competes with other big brands in quality but it is much lower in price. Have ever wished of having a pair of quality wireless earbuds without spending huge amount of money? Blx Buds were made for you. Our in-depth research found that this earbud is trending in different countries and many consumers have taken their time to drop good reviews on Blxbuds at the official product page and encouraged others to give it a try.

Now, let's take a closer look at Blxbuds earbuds, and reveal the nitty-gritty of this high tech sound system.

What is Blxbuds ? (Blx Buds earbuds review)

Blxbuds earbuds are wireless headphones with full TWS dual wireless stereo, dual microphone and Bluetooth 5.1. They are highly compatible with numerous mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and PC. They produce sound within the range of 20 Hertz and 20 kilo Hertz which is the best range of sound for human auditory system. The dual microphone makes it suitable for answering calls in addition to playing out song.

It has an ultra-lightweight construction and contoured design that gives maximum comfort. . There is no risk of ear ache with Blxbuds earbuds. It was designed to give yoy comfort and make you enjoy every bit of your music, you won't even feel that you are wearing something because of its lightweight construction. Many Blx buds reviews online from both consumers and review sites stated that Blxbuds is so comfortable to the ears and that is why so many consumers are ordering for the product and the manufacturer may run out of stock soon.

Blx Buds maintains strong connection with devices through Bluetooth, you can keep your phones or tablets or PC at a distance of 25 feet and still hear the sound clearly without any interruption. However, it is recommended that you stay as close as possible to your mobile device (source of the sound). Superior sound quality that outperforms conventional earbud headphones. It is good to switch from wired to wireless headphones but sacrificing your comfort just to go wireless is not acceptable and that is why this Blxbuds Earbuds Review was composed to guide you so you don't make avoidable mistakes.

Everybody is switching to Earbuds style headphones but many people found out that they are actually very uncomfortable and the sound quality is nothing to write home about. This is the case with many wireless style headphones. This category of headphones are usually cheaper, however there are still brands of wireless headphones that feel so good to ears and still very affordable. Blxbuds sound great and feel great!

The average rating of Blxbuds wireless headphones from consumers is 4.8 out of 5 stars due to the satisfaction they got from the earbuds. It comes with high quality battery that takes only an hour to charge, and it also has light indicators that will tell you when your earbuds battery is low and requires charging as well as when they are full and ready for use.

Another interesting thing about Blx Buds wireless headphones is that they are very stylish and well designed for the ears. They don't look ugly like marbles with antenna. Just charge your earbuds well and fit them into your concha (a space on your pinnae / external ear) and start your favourite songs.

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Features of Blxbuds wireless headphones

Portable: Blxbuds earbuds are very portable and compact. The ultra lightweight construction of these earbuds allows you to wear it for a long time without any feeling of discomfort. One of the satisfied users of Blxbuds said that they are very compact and comfortable that you might even forget that you are wearing something. This is one of the benefits wireless earbuds have over wired headphones, hands free use and comfort!

Contoured design that gives maximum comfort: Blxbuds are designed for the ears. Regardless of the size of your pinnae (external ears), it will fit perfectly. Look at other earbud style headphones and then take a look at Blx Buds, you will discover that Blxbuds look much more like a high performance hearing aid than other earbud headphones. It does not have antenna, hence it won't even be noticed nor look so prominent and attractive unnecessary attention.

Compact case for storage and quick recharging: The case of Blxbuds is very compact and charges very fast. It stores charges for the earphones, thus you can use it for a longer time as long as the case is fully charged. Once single charge lasts for about Four and half hours, and you can quickly recharge the earbuds with the charge stored in the case when it runs out of charge. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge Blxbuds case. The input charge is DC 5V 300mA while the output is DC 5V 100mA.

Noise cancelling technology: Blxbuds comes with the latest noise cancelling technology to enable you concentrate on a particular sound while filtering out the unwanted background noise. This one major advantage it has over wired headphones. You don't have to worry about background noise that might interfere with your music. Also, the contoured design ensures that the earbuds fit tightly on your ears which gives no room for unwanted sounds to have access to your auditory system.

Light indicators: It comes with red light and white lights to indicate when the device is down and needs charging and when it fully or partially charged. The red light indicator signals low power (charge). Thus, when it shines red, just know that it needs charging. There are Four white lights Which indicates how well the device is charged. If only one white light is on, it means that the device is about 25% charged, two white lights indicates that the device is 50% charged, three white lights indicates that the earbuds case is 75% charged while fours White lights indicates that your headphones are fully charged and ready for long term use. Always look at these light indicators so you won't have any interruption while enjoying your music.

Quick charging: It comes with a standard USB cable for fast and easy charging. You can plug it into any suitable USB port and charge your device. No hassles, just plug it and allow it to charge for about one hour or one hour thirty minutes.

Other parameters: Colour of Blxbuds is black, it weighs 4 grams, charging time is 1 - 1.5 hours, duration of use is about 4.5 hours.

Benefits of Blxbuds earbuds (Blx Buds Reviews)

There are numerous advantages of Blxbuds earbuds and many customers Blxbuds reviews online attested to these claims. They are:

Dual microphone: Blx Buds comes with dual microphone, it plays out songs and also receive sounds. This makes it suitable for both phone calls and playing music. If you want a wireless headphones that you can connect to your mobile devices for making calls so you don't miss important events, you can opt for Blxbuds earbuds. It is suitable for both music and calls. If you want to answer calls, you only need to press it once, also if you wish to hang up, it takes only one button press as well.

Widely compatible: Blx Buds works well with both smart phones, tablets and PC. If you have multiple devices, you can pair any of them with your Blxbuds, one device at a time. You only need to pair them up through Bluetooth.

Automatic reconnection: Once you have paired your Blxbuds earbud headphones with any device you won't have to pair them up again, it will automatically reconnect with any device that has paired with it before. Hence, if you are not a tech guy you won't have much issues with Blxbuds because it's made easy for everyone to use.

Water resistance: The water resistance rating of Blxbuds earbuds is IPX4. This means it can resist damage by splash water from any direction. This is great for a wireless headphone. Do not use them to play music while swimming, because continuous immersion in water will result in irreparable damage. Also try to avoid rain or better off put them in their case when it is raining to avoid damage. Though it can resist rain water to a great degree, do not use them under rain.

Sensitivity: It is highly sensitive to sound. This makes it perfect for phone calls.

Long range of connectivity: Blxbuds earbuds maintain strong connection with devices through Bluetooth. Even at a distance of 25 feet, it will still be well connected with the device and play songs without interruptions. Though this sounds good, do not always Keep your device far away from you especially at a distance greater than 30 feet.

How to use Blx Buds (Blxbuds earbuds review)

It is very simple and easy to use even if you don't have any technical skills. Pairing of Blxbuds earbuds is very easy, no effort is required. It is very sensitive and pairs rapidly with any nearby device. If you have ever paired devices through Bluetooth before you will never have issues with your Blxbuds earbud headphones. Also, after the first pairing with a device, you won't have to pair them again, they reconnect automatically next time.

Charge the device: This is the first step. You have to fully charge your Blx Buds ear Buds before using them. It comes with a USB cable that you can plug into any suitable USB port for fast charging.

Pair: The next step is to pair your Blxbuds with your smart phone or tablet or PC through Bluetooth. It connects so easily with iOS/Android devices through Bluetooth. If you don't know how to connect through Bluetooth, follow the steps below

  • Turn on your smart phone or tablet or PC Bluetooth
  • Turn on your Blxbuds earbud headphones
  • Locate Blx Buds on your mobile device and tap to pair
  • The two devices will pair with each other.

Play songs: After connecting your devices, the next step is to play song. Without any discomfort or annoying ear pain, you are free to experience crystal clear sound.

Prices of Blxbuds earbuds and where to buy

Blxbuds earbuds are very affordable, it maintains same high end features with big brands and still sold at a fraction of their prices. Currently, the manufacturer is giving a discount for all buyers.

  • One Blxbuds - $49.99
  • Two Blxbuds - $91.99
  • Three Blxbuds - $124.99
  • Four Blxbuds - $159.99

The best place to purchase Blxbuds is from the official website of the producer. Any purchase outside this page is done at the buyer's risk.

Visit the official website of the product and place your order!!!

Blxbuds consumers reviews

Before Blxbuds, I went through a half dozen pairs of wireless headphones and o hated all of them. It's either that the sound is not good or that they cause pain to my ears. And they are very expensive. Since I purchased Blxbuds, I use them constantly, and I don't think I will ever opt for another brand of earbuds {Sandra K. Seattle WA}

I thought it was all a hoax, like how could an earbud at this low price has all these features! But I was proven wrong. It sounds so good and the battery last as well. I have not had any issues since I started using it for over two months now. {Anne H. Los Angeles CA}

I'm not a super vain guy, but the headphones with the little dongle thing sticking out of them just look dumb. And they don't even sound good. Blxbuds are shaped like your outer ear, so you don't even notice you are wearing something, and neither does anyone else. {Frank G. Vancouver BC}

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will a charge last?

A: Once fully charged, your Blxbuds will last for about four and half hours. You can also recahrge with the case.

Q: Can I use my Blxbuds earbuds for phone calls?

A: Yes, you can use your Blxbuds earbud headphones for phone calls. It is very sensitive to sound such that you don't even have to shout while making calls. Simply press the side button once to answer an incoming call, and press it again to hang up.

Q: Are Blxbuds waterproof?

A: We do not recommend wearing them while swimming, but if you get them wet, they won't be damaged as they are rated IPX4 (resistant to water splash from any direction)

Last words on Blxbuds earbuds review

Blx Buds wireless headphones are quality earbuds that you can rely on to enjoy your music. They are very affordable, you won't find a better pair of headphones anywhere for such a price. Quality is guaranteed, they are made to sound great, feel great and last. It pairs effortlessly with any phone, tablet or PC using Bluetooth. The manufacturer is confident that you will love this product, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with them, you can return it and get fully refunded. Every order comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, you can return it and get back your money within this period without any hassle.

Visit the official website of Blxbuds to place your order today before it runs out of stock!!!

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